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500 Still nothing jack 3053d 14h /
499 Added rendering code from GP32 port; compiles, runs, but doesn't render anything (just white) jack 3053d 14h /
498 Added more emulation code from castce.cpp jack 3053d 22h /
497 Some more cleanup; code now compiles and links jack 3053d 23h /
496 Removed some unnecessary vars from state save
Cleaned up some win-specific code unrelated to emulation
jack 3059d 22h /
495 Added CastCE jack 3061d 23h /
494 Changed display to actual emulator status
Looks like it's crashing
jack 3074d 13h /
493 Emulator compiles and runs fine
Nothing is rendered - for some reason renderer has update_rect_count=0
jack 3074d 13h /
492 Removed emulate.o jack 3074d 23h /
491 Ported entire emulator, sans mouse & keyboard functionality
Completely untested
jack 3074d 23h /

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