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354 Added Option exchange
Added party sync (before returning to emulation)
Both untested
jack 3751d 23h /branches/
353 Fixed adhoc constants jack 3752d 15h /branches/
352 Replaced in-emulator send/recv with original smsplus 1.2 code jack 3752d 23h /branches/
304 Branched off the version of fuse with new psplib/image jack 3863d 23h /branches/
261 Merged psplib from main repository (-r 259) for: atari800, fms
Added psplib for generator
jack 3899d 00h /branches/
251 Fixed menu loading error jack 3915d 18h /branches/
250 Added netplay packets
Finalized netplay menu
jack 3916d 00h /branches/
249 Added psplib Makefile jack 3916d 04h /branches/
248 Moved adhoc to psplib jack 3916d 18h /branches/
247 Replaced mypsp with updated psplib
Main makefile will now call the psplib makefile for 'all' and 'clean'
jack 3916d 19h /branches/
246 Adding psplib jack 3916d 21h /branches/
245 Added save state autoselection. Requires util.c update jack 3917d 00h /branches/
244 jack 3917d 09h /branches/
241 Adhoc play; unsynched jack 3920d 07h /branches/
240 Functional matching + game transfer jack 3921d 18h /branches/
239 Sending ROM directly; no file exchange involved
Added pre-transfer delay for both host (6 secs) & client (3 secs)
jack 3921d 23h /branches/
238 Preliminary ROM exchange; broken jack 3922d 17h /branches/
237 Added preliminary ROM exchange jack 3923d 02h /branches/
236 Preliminary adhoc matching implemented jack 3923d 19h /branches/
235 More stub client jack 3931d 08h /branches/

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