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304 Branched off the version of fuse with new psplib/image jack 3736d 00h /branches/fuse_pl_image/
303 Added +3 (765) support
moved location of libspectrum
jack 3736d 02h /trunk/fuse/
302 Moved psplib jack 3736d 18h /trunk/fuse/
301 Fixed the tape loading crash
Fixed ZIP file loading memory leak
Colors still fucked up
jack 3736d 18h /trunk/fuse/
300 Finishing image rotation jack 3737d 19h /trunk/fuse/
299 Implemented image_clear
Added kerneldcachewritebackall to all calling list writes (seems to have gotten rid of artifacting - for now)
Reinstated optimization
create_thumbnail currently broken
jack 3739d 18h /trunk/fuse/
298 Added image loading
video fucked up yet again
jack 3740d 16h /trunk/fuse/
297 image completely migrated; missing important functions (image_save, etc...) jack 3740d 18h /trunk/fuse/
296 ui.c migrated to pl_image, with the exception of gallery jack 3740d 20h /trunk/fuse/
295 In the process of migrating to pl_image
Disabled optimization for video.o; was causing strange screen corruption
jack 3741d 16h /trunk/fuse/
294 Added pl_image jack 3743d 01h /trunk/fuse/
293 pl_file migrated jack 3743d 16h /trunk/fuse/
292 Finished UI migration
Working on pl_file
jack 3744d 01h /trunk/fuse/
291 psplib/ui.c modified to match pl_menu
Removed old menu.*
jack 3744d 17h /trunk/fuse/
290 Finished pl_menu jack 3744d 18h /trunk/fuse/
289 Finished pl_menu jack 3744d 18h /trunk/fuse/
288 Added pl_menu
Last release also added alpha image loading
jack 3745d 00h /trunk/fuse/
287 psplib now released under GPL jack 3745d 15h /trunk/fuse/
286 Added pl_vk, improvement on virtual keyboard
Changed old psplib to pl_ in pl_ini, pl_perf, pl_psp, pl_util, pl_vk
jack 3745d 16h /trunk/fuse/
285 Slow alpha blitting added (untested) jack 3746d 04h /trunk/fuse/

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