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354 Added Option exchange
Added party sync (before returning to emulation)
Both untested
jack 3840d 03h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/emumain.c
353 Fixed adhoc constants jack 3840d 19h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/emumain.c
352 Replaced in-emulator send/recv with original smsplus 1.2 code jack 3841d 03h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/emumain.c
250 Added netplay packets
Finalized netplay menu
jack 4004d 05h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/emumain.c
248 Moved adhoc to psplib jack 4004d 22h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/emumain.c
244 jack 4005d 13h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/emumain.c
241 Adhoc play; unsynched jack 4008d 12h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/emumain.c
240 Functional matching + game transfer jack 4009d 23h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/emumain.c
204 Added smsplus adhoc branch jack 4152d 03h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/emumain.c
172 fms: Small changes to psplib/video.c jack 4222d 08h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/emumain.c
166 Pre-moving commit jack 4232d 04h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/emumain.c
112 smsplus:
updated to latest version of psplib
added PSP_DEBUG flag to emumain.c
updated to latest version of psplib
added psplib
fixed types.h to interact with psptypes.h
implemented blitting
implemented initialization/shutdown
should start up and load a game 'flack.nes'
jack 4288d 05h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/emumain.c
87 Atari800:
added some extra code to psplib (mostly sound)
sound works!
added pspVideoGetVSyncFreq to psplib/video - returns vsync frequency
jack 4299d 23h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/emumain.c
77 Added loading to Atari800
Added Options menu to Atari800
Added splash menu to Atari800
Added option saving/loading to Atari800
jack 4309d 11h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/emumain.c
61 Updated psplib jack 4321d 21h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/emumain.c
54 Reverted the original makefile - the PSP version is Makefile.psp
Provisional blinking fix - turned off memset(0) in GetBuffer()
Fixed image subroutines to deal correctly with 8-bit images
jack 4323d 02h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/emumain.c
52 8-bit rendering mode fully functional
TODO: occasionally, the menu screen flashes. This may have something to do with faulty video.c/GetBuffer
TODO: image library needs to be modified to work correctly with 8-bit images (saving, etc...)
Elusive speed hogging component identified as the FM emulation engine. Now defaults to OFF
Fixed the GamePath bug - last game path is now correctly saved/loaded
TODO: Should double-check to make sure SRAM is saved to the correct path
jack 4323d 21h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/emumain.c
51 Experimental 8bit rendering jack 4326d 03h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/emumain.c
49 Fixed a bug that caused subsequently loaded games to crash
Added an option to use a faster, less accurate sound emulation engine
Added an option to remove the leftmost vertical column for SMS games
jack 4329d 19h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/emumain.c
43 Moved viewport resizing to emumain.c
Changed sound output to YMxxxx
jack 4330d 13h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/emumain.c

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