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354 Added Option exchange
Added party sync (before returning to emulation)
Both untested
jack 3679d 09h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/psplib/ui.c
353 Fixed adhoc constants jack 3680d 01h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/psplib/ui.c
247 Replaced mypsp with updated psplib
Main makefile will now call the psplib makefile for 'all' and 'clean'
jack 3844d 05h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/psplib/ui.c
246 Adding psplib jack 3844d 07h /branches/smsplus_adhoc/psp/psplib/ui.c
177 Updated psplib jack 4054d 23h /trunk/psplib/ui.c
147 fMSX version 3.4 jack 4089d 19h /trunk/psplib/ui.c
145 Neopop upgraded to 0.71.15; psplib updated jack 4090d 06h /trunk/psplib/ui.c
140 Merged most recent changes from neopop jack 4096d 16h /trunk/psplib/ui.c
128 Added animations to main psplib jack 4110d 18h /trunk/psplib/ui.c
109 psplib: added YesNoCancel dialog jack 4128d 08h /trunk/psplib/ui.c
106 Updated to latest revision of psplib from Atari800 jack 4130d 19h /trunk/psplib/ui.c
67 Synchronized with fMSX 3.3.2 jack 4158d 07h /trunk/psplib/ui.c
64 Buffer overflow in fmsx should be fixed
Added pspUiGetStatusString to ui.c
jack 4158d 10h /trunk/psplib/ui.c
60 Changed PSP_VIDEO... to PSP_COLOR (relating to color)
Changed PSP_VIDEO_FC_ to PSP_FONT.. moved to font.h
Changed video.c to use fixed array instead of memalign
Flashing seems to have stopped
jack 4161d 03h /trunk/psplib/ui.c
34 Merged changes from SMS Plus jack 4173d 10h /trunk/psplib/ui.c
9 Initial checkin of psplib jack 4185d 03h /trunk/psplib/ui.c