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Rev Log message Author Age Path
520 Added 2.2.15 tag jack 2217d 12h /tags/
518 Added 2.2.1 tag jack 2700d 10h /tags/
516 Added 1.3.1 tag jack 2778d 07h /tags/
512 Added ColEm 2.6.1 tag jack 2812d 09h /tags/
509 Added fMSX 3.5.40 tag jack 3008d 06h /tags/
488 Added tag for Atari800 jack 3208d 23h /tags/
474 Added 2.1.21 tag (bugfix release) jack 3279d 08h /tags/
471 Added 2.1.2 tag jack 3280d 07h /tags/
460 Added 2.1.1 tag of VICE jack 3290d 04h /tags/
459 Added VICE directory jack 3290d 04h /tags/
413 Corrected tag jack 3334d 11h /tags/
412 Added tag jack 3334d 11h /tags/
400 Added tag jack 3337d 09h /tags/
397 Added 2.16 tag jack 3339d 07h /tags/
384 Added 1.2.55 tag jack 3414d 18h /tags/
369 Added tag jack 3431d 12h /tags/
359 Added 1.2.5 tag jack 3454d 12h /tags/
350 Minor fix to offset picture from the scrollbar jack 3510d 08h /tags/
348 Added 2.15 tag jack 3510d 11h /tags/
343 Updated RACE! 2.1 tag to include test switch jack 3533d 13h /tags/
341 Added RACE 2.1 tag jack 3533d 18h /tags/
336 Added RACE 2.0 tag jack 3543d 18h /tags/
335 Added RACE 2.0 tag jack 3543d 18h /tags/
325 Added ColEm 2.5.1 tag jack 3569d 21h /tags/
323 Added tag jack 3572d 09h /tags/
313 Added tag jack 3588d 08h /tags/
309 Added Fuse tag jack 3589d 11h /tags/
284 Added fuse tag jack 3604d 04h /tags/
267 Added tag for v. 3.5.35 jack 3617d 08h /tags/
265 3.5.3 bug fixed jack 3624d 18h /tags/