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Rev Log message Author Age Path
520 Added 2.2.15 tag jack 2417d 06h /tags/vice/2.2.15
519 Added -> to mappable buttons jack 2886d 22h /trunk/vice
517 Finished 2.2.1 jack 2900d 04h /trunk/vice
473 Fixed the extra-pixel bug in borderless NTSC mode jack 3479d 02h /trunk/vice
472 Changed save state thumbnail size - 320x200 jack 3479d 16h /trunk/vice
470 Disabled frame skipping (had no effect)
2.1.2 released
jack 3480d 01h /trunk/vice
469 Video option changes - removed the arbitrary boxing limitations from the old video renderer
Slightly better handling of viewport resizing - TODO: check proper box size when borders are turned off
jack 3480d 10h /trunk/vice
468 Added frameskip selection
Added VSync (experimental, may need to be turned off)
jack 3480d 11h /trunk/vice
467 Fixed PRG loading error
Replaced blockdev with (a functioning?) one from the UNIX port
jack 3481d 04h /trunk/vice
466 NTSC resizing now correct; emulator still crashes when switching modes at startup jack 3482d 00h /trunk/vice
465 Undid the video caching mod to raster-resources.c jack 3486d 10h /trunk/vice
464 Added video standard selection (PAL/NTSC) jack 3486d 12h /trunk/vice
462 Added screen border enable/disable jack 3486d 16h /trunk/vice
458 Finished sound. The solution seems to fuck up the FPS counter (it thinks there are 4 fps, when there are more), but sound works jack 3489d 23h /trunk/vice
457 Small change to file header jack 3490d 17h /trunk/vice
456 Switched to a sound library modified from the SVN version
Extended delay to 5000ms in the older sound library (untested)
jack 3490d 17h /trunk/vice
455 Changed screen refresh, so that it occurs at the same location as input polling (should force a refresh on every vsync)
Breaking out of the sound write routine when nothing can be written
jack 3491d 17h /trunk/vice
454 Getting ready for beta release (sound will probably not be finished any time soon) jack 3492d 02h /trunk/vice
453 Moved ui to c64ui
Added options to enable/disable true drive emulation
Added sound engine selection
Sound still not perfect
jack 3500d 02h /trunk/vice
452 Put autoloading back
Changed menu mode, so that it's done via interrupt - now state saving/loading works without special handling
Autoload put back
Sound still experimental
jack 3500d 21h /trunk/vice

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