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519 Added -> to mappable buttons jack 3196d 22h /trunk/
517 Finished 2.2.1 jack 3210d 04h /trunk/
515 SMS Plus 1.3.1 released jack 3288d 01h /trunk/
514 Added missing tms files jack 3317d 03h /trunk/
513 Added SMS Plus 1.3.1 - needs savestate fix for newly supported games jack 3317d 03h /trunk/
511 ColEm 2.6 changes jack 3322d 03h /trunk/
510 Finished ColEm jack 3435d 09h /trunk/
508 Released 3.5.40 of fMSX jack 3518d 00h /trunk/
507 Updated state saving to version 4 (will reset to appropriate system before loading) jack 3541d 08h /trunk/
506 Updated fMSX PSP to new psplib
TODO: Keyboard layout for new VK lib
New functionality: time rewind, updated save states
jack 3582d 08h /trunk/
505 Added PL_UI (stubs) jack 3686d 04h /trunk/
504 Getting a corrupted image with monochrome
Crashes in 4-color mode
jack 3687d 23h /trunk/
503 Simplified config.h
Using ag_mainloop from gp32 port
jack 3688d 09h /trunk/
502 PC seems to be stuck in a loop; no progress jack 3689d 00h /trunk/
501 Moved screen refresh code out of Redraw, into main loop
Painting background magenta to see which part of it will get updated (test)
jack 3689d 12h /trunk/
500 Still nothing jack 3690d 01h /trunk/
499 Added rendering code from GP32 port; compiles, runs, but doesn't render anything (just white) jack 3690d 01h /trunk/
498 Added more emulation code from castce.cpp jack 3690d 09h /trunk/
497 Some more cleanup; code now compiles and links jack 3690d 10h /trunk/
496 Removed some unnecessary vars from state save
Cleaned up some win-specific code unrelated to emulation
jack 3696d 09h /trunk/

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