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366 Added ZIP support
Added PSP icon
Added save states (GZipped)
All untested
jack 3674d 23h /trunk/
365 Fixed Fuse Spec +3 issue
Added potator graphics
jack 3675d 01h /trunk/
364 Fleshed out the menu + emulation framework jack 3675d 22h /trunk/
363 Fixed palette issue
Emulator now drawing directly to VRAM
jack 3678d 14h /trunk/
362 Added Potator jack 3678d 23h /trunk/
361 Added an option to enable/disable sound while tape is loading (only works with Fastloading disabled)
Added an option to enable/disable “Issue 2” keyboard support
Added extra button options – Square/Cross/Circle/Triangle with L and R trigger held down
Fastloading can now be turned on and off in the System tab (some games do not load correctly when fastloading is turned on)
jack 3684d 18h /trunk/
360 Added fastload toggle
Updated version no.
jack 3684d 20h /trunk/
358 SMS Plus 1.2.5 released jack 3688d 20h /trunk/
357 Fuse updated to v0.10.0
Removed libdsk and lib765
Lots of cleanup
jack 3689d 00h /trunk/
356 Added latest save state autoselection
Moved to latest psplib
Added rapid-fire
Changed snapshot save location
Added file browser previews
jack 3690d 00h /trunk/
355 Deleting old psplib dir jack 3690d 00h /trunk/
351 Added state exporting to Fuse (press Start while the 'Save/Load' tab is selected)
Added emulation speed control: can now map any PSP button to run emulation at half-speed, or maximum possible speed (sound is disabled when running at max. speed)
NOTE: Added tape autoloading (copy szx files to lib/)
Snapshots are now saved into PSP's own PHOTO directory (/PSP/PHOTO), and can be viewed in PSP's image viewer
File selector snapshots - while browsing for games with the file selector, pause momentarily to display the first snapshot for the game
jack 3741d 22h /trunk/
349 Minor fix to offset snapshot to the left of scrollbar jack 3744d 15h /trunk/
347 Fixed file browser's snapshot support
Version 1.25 out
jack 3744d 18h /trunk/
346 Added in-browser screenshot display (untested) jack 3744d 22h /trunk/
345 Added VICE 2.0 jack 3756d 03h /trunk/
344 Finally added 'raw' graphics (svg, xcf originals for logos and backgrounds) jack 3759d 15h /trunk/
342 Added test switch jack 3767d 21h /trunk/
340 State saving finalized
Version 2.1 released
jack 3768d 02h /trunk/
339 RACE: States stopped crashing upon load (even after restart); however, no music after load (sound OK though) jack 3769d 22h /trunk/

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