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487 Atari800 upgraded to jack 3330d 21h /trunk/atari800/
486 Updated Atari800 to 2.1.0 jack 3333d 08h /trunk/atari800/
485 Made VK toggle-able jack 3341d 10h /trunk/atari800/
484 Fixed Atari800 VK's
Atari800 now compiles, runs, sound fixed (should also be slightly faster)
jack 3341d 10h /trunk/atari800/
483 Emulator fails in LoadOptions/pl_ini_get_string - needs to be fixed
Emulator freezes when returning to emulation mode - need to be fixed
jack 3341d 14h /trunk/atari800/
482 Updated layouts to v2
Fixed VK code (app now compiles)
Added lib imports necessary for new psplib
jack 3341d 14h /trunk/atari800/
479 Converted most everything except VK routines jack 3344d 04h /trunk/atari800/
478 Converted menu event callbacks jack 3344d 05h /trunk/atari800/
477 Converted menu event callbacks jack 3344d 08h /trunk/atari800/
476 Started converting Atari800
psp main file converted
menu structs converted
lib updated
jack 3344d 08h /trunk/atari800/
475 Removed outdated psplib jack 3344d 09h /trunk/atari800/
261 Merged psplib from main repository (-r 259) for: atari800, fms
Added psplib for generator
jack 3748d 13h /trunk/atari800/
155 atari800: added disk ejection/switching jack 4004d 05h /trunk/atari800/
143 atari800:
fixed controller bug
fixed crash that occurs when too many long filenames are on screen in file browser
jack 4016d 07h /trunk/atari800/
142 Working on ui/Input jack 4018d 05h /trunk/atari800/
125 Atari800 released jack 4034d 13h /trunk/atari800/
124 atari800: psplib:
fixed image corruption for Gallery
minor changes to animation parameters
jack 4034d 18h /trunk/atari800/
123 atari800: psplib:
added .Animate flag support
all menus are now animated
todo: animate menu during option mode
jack 4035d 07h /trunk/atari800/
122 atari800: psplib:
added smooth scrolling to ui/filebrowser
jack 4039d 04h /trunk/atari800/
121 atari800: psplib: added ImageBlur, DiscardColors to image lib
added fadeout
jack 4039d 06h /trunk/atari800/

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