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202 Fixed model changing bug
Added (*) next to autoloading saved games
jack 3702d 22h /trunk/caprice32/
201 Changed version to
Changed to full emulator shutdown/reinit
jack 3703d 07h /trunk/caprice32/
200 Added disk saving jack 3703d 23h /trunk/caprice32/
199 Added zip file support
Added disk ejection
jack 3704d 22h /trunk/caprice32/
194 Final touches, version released jack 3709d 11h /trunk/caprice32/
192 Added model selection, palette selection, proper disk loading, tape image loading
TODO: ZIP support, fix sound
jack 3711d 21h /trunk/caprice32/
191 Switched to 8-bit rendering (16-bit still available) jack 3712d 06h /trunk/caprice32/
190 Switched to v4.1.0 rendering jack 3712d 17h /trunk/caprice32/
189 Added Caprice icon jack 3714d 06h /trunk/caprice32/
188 Managed to squeeze out extra 7fps at 333MHz for a total of ~41fps. *sigh* jack 3714d 21h /trunk/caprice32/
187 Sped up rendering by writing to VRAM directly. Untested jack 3715d 10h /trunk/caprice32/
186 Added system menu, rudimentary disk loading mechanism jack 3715d 21h /trunk/caprice32/
185 Added cpc464 virtual keyboard layout jack 3716d 22h /trunk/caprice32/
184 Added menu (options, state, controls, quickload (non-functional))
TODO: state saving seems to cause hangs after exit
TODO: frame skipping
jack 3717d 22h /trunk/caprice32/
183 Undid changes to unix emulation module jack 3721d 23h /trunk/caprice32/
182 Added stub keyboard functionality
Changed structure of cap32 to sys-dep and sys-indep
jack 3722d 05h /trunk/caprice32/
181 Need to move a file jack 3722d 05h /trunk/caprice32/
180 We got sound! jack 3722d 21h /trunk/caprice32/
179 Added CaPriCe32 jack 3722d 23h /trunk/caprice32/