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197 fceultra now compiles jack 4011d 17h /trunk/fceultra/
172 fms: Small changes to psplib/video.c jack 4035d 06h /trunk/fceultra/
116 fceultra: still experimenting with sound
smsplus: animated UI elements (unfinished)
jack 4093d 20h /trunk/fceultra/
115 Still on sound jack 4097d 22h /trunk/fceultra/
114 fceultra: testing sound jack 4098d 01h /trunk/fceultra/
113 atari800:
fixed mislabeled joystick: up
added proper pspAudioOutputBlocking
added hardcoded control support
added preliminary sound
jack 4098d 22h /trunk/fceultra/
112 smsplus:
updated to latest version of psplib
added PSP_DEBUG flag to emumain.c
updated to latest version of psplib
added psplib
fixed types.h to interact with psptypes.h
implemented blitting
implemented initialization/shutdown
should start up and load a game 'flack.nes'
jack 4101d 04h /trunk/fceultra/
108 fms:
synchronized to latest version of psplib
changed menu definition to modern style
changed frame limiting system to ntsc/pal
changed [EMPTY] to [VACANT]
changed INI loading to psplib's
removed SaveScreenshot and SaveVRAM and used those in psplib/util
added PSP_DEBUG macro functionality (capture VRAM)
removed psplib (needs to be copied via svn)
jack 4102d 03h /trunk/fceultra/
107 Added FCEUltra jack 4102d 12h /trunk/fceultra/