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Rev Log message Author Age Path
511 ColEm 2.6 changes jack 3046d 16h /trunk/fms/
510 Finished ColEm jack 3159d 22h /trunk/fms/
508 Released 3.5.40 of fMSX jack 3242d 13h /trunk/fms/
507 Updated state saving to version 4 (will reset to appropriate system before loading) jack 3265d 21h /trunk/fms/
506 Updated fMSX PSP to new psplib
TODO: Keyboard layout for new VK lib
New functionality: time rewind, updated save states
jack 3306d 21h /trunk/fms/
324 ColEm updated to 2.5.1 jack 3804d 04h /trunk/fms/
266 Fixed megarom bug
Mapping can now be embedded with predefined values (curr. Zanac Ex and Mon Mon Monster)
Added button mapping for Fast Forward
jack 3851d 16h /trunk/fms/
264 Corrected SetRomType bug when removing element 0 jack 3859d 01h /trunk/fms/
262 Added ROM type saving between sessions jack 3859d 02h /trunk/fms/
261 Merged psplib from main repository (-r 259) for: atari800, fms
Added psplib for generator
jack 3860d 23h /trunk/fms/
252 FMPAC should not crash emulator if MSXMUSIC/AUDIO are disabled jack 3869d 06h /trunk/fms/
242 Fixed FMPAC error (mislabeling in MenuPsp.c) jack 3880d 19h /trunk/fms/
232 Save state autoselection for ColEm jack 3898d 07h /trunk/fms/
227 Fixed screen copying bug jack 3967d 18h /trunk/fms/
226 Rendering corrections jack 3968d 00h /trunk/fms/
225 Using secondary buffer for Coleco blitting jack 3968d 00h /trunk/fms/
219 Sound buffer reset back to 256 samples
Added selection of latest save state upon game switching
jack 3972d 18h /trunk/fms/
218 Changed sound buffer to 512 samples; should be flexible in increments of 256 jack 3973d 05h /trunk/fms/
217 fMSX verified working with both sound engines
TODO: Sound currently only works with 256 samples. Fix before release
TODO: Check ColEm
jack 3973d 14h /trunk/fms/
216 Modifications to ColEm jack 3973d 22h /trunk/fms/

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