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365 Fixed Fuse Spec +3 issue
Added potator graphics
jack 3613d 07h /trunk/fuse/
361 Added an option to enable/disable sound while tape is loading (only works with Fastloading disabled)
Added an option to enable/disable “Issue 2” keyboard support
Added extra button options – Square/Cross/Circle/Triangle with L and R trigger held down
Fastloading can now be turned on and off in the System tab (some games do not load correctly when fastloading is turned on)
jack 3623d 00h /trunk/fuse/
360 Added fastload toggle
Updated version no.
jack 3623d 01h /trunk/fuse/
357 Fuse updated to v0.10.0
Removed libdsk and lib765
Lots of cleanup
jack 3627d 06h /trunk/fuse/
351 Added state exporting to Fuse (press Start while the 'Save/Load' tab is selected)
Added emulation speed control: can now map any PSP button to run emulation at half-speed, or maximum possible speed (sound is disabled when running at max. speed)
NOTE: Added tape autoloading (copy szx files to lib/)
Snapshots are now saved into PSP's own PHOTO directory (/PSP/PHOTO), and can be viewed in PSP's image viewer
File selector snapshots - while browsing for games with the file selector, pause momentarily to display the first snapshot for the game
jack 3680d 04h /trunk/fuse/
322 Completed the multiple-buttons-per-key fix
Added multiple PSP button per Spectrum joy. button support
Replaced scalers32.c and scalers16.c with stub versions that load scalers.c
jack 3744d 22h /trunk/fuse/
321 Consolidated kybd & jst input
Keyboard keys should now be independent of each other (fixes the multiple-buttons-assigned-to-same-key bug)
pl_vk now resets sticky button status, if there's no status reading callback (fixes the bug that caused sticky buttons to retain status after keyboard display toggle)
jack 3745d 03h /trunk/fuse/
314 Added pl_gfx and pl_image jack 3760d 03h /trunk/fuse/
312 Version released jack 3760d 21h /trunk/fuse/
311 Reverted back to classic image.c jack 3761d 04h /trunk/fuse/
310 Replaced psplib/audio with pl_snd jack 3761d 21h /trunk/fuse/
308 Released Fuse jack 3762d 00h /trunk/fuse/
307 Added libdsk
Fixed cursor problem (a/s/p/l mapping to cursor keys)
jack 3762d 08h /trunk/fuse/
306 Fixed kempston joystick support
Fixed 'hack cursor' support
jack 3762d 17h /trunk/fuse/
305 Moved minizip to aux/
Separated mz, 765, spectrum into separate builds & libraries
jack 3762d 21h /trunk/fuse/
303 Added +3 (765) support
moved location of libspectrum
jack 3764d 05h /trunk/fuse/
302 Moved psplib jack 3764d 21h /trunk/fuse/
301 Fixed the tape loading crash
Fixed ZIP file loading memory leak
Colors still fucked up
jack 3764d 21h /trunk/fuse/
300 Finishing image rotation jack 3765d 23h /trunk/fuse/
299 Implemented image_clear
Added kerneldcachewritebackall to all calling list writes (seems to have gotten rid of artifacting - for now)
Reinstated optimization
create_thumbnail currently broken
jack 3767d 21h /trunk/fuse/

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