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315 Added libpl jack 3919d 05h /trunk/generator/
280 Added buffer-copy variants of pspFileGetParentDirectory and pspInitGetString jack 3939d 06h /trunk/generator/
261 Merged psplib from main repository (-r 259) for: atari800, fms
Added psplib for generator
jack 3959d 15h /trunk/generator/
259 Fixed frame rendering location
Untested sound playback
Tuned down warning level
jack 3963d 14h /trunk/generator/
258 Trying generator's auto-frameskip functionality
Added extra 8-pixel border to Screen
Restored 192-color palette
jack 3963d 21h /trunk/generator/
257 Writing directly to Screen, psp-optimized
TODO: corruption at bottom of screen
jack 3964d 19h /trunk/generator/
256 Added 'fancy' rendering (too slow) jack 3965d 07h /trunk/generator/
255 Added 'fancy' rendering (too slow) jack 3965d 07h /trunk/generator/
254 We have picture - for now, just using simple cell-based plotting jack 3965d 07h /trunk/generator/
253 Added generator stub (compiles & runs; no video; no audio) jack 3966d 07h /trunk/generator/