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62 Added Genesis Plus PSP stub - palette is barely visible
Functionality is in stub stage - only loads a 'flack.bin'
No control support
Runs ~30-40 fps at 333Mhz
jack 3926d 22h /trunk/genplus/psplib/
60 Changed PSP_VIDEO... to PSP_COLOR (relating to color)
Changed PSP_VIDEO_FC_ to PSP_FONT.. moved to font.h
Changed video.c to use fixed array instead of memalign
Flashing seems to have stopped
jack 3926d 23h /psplib/
57 Integrated changes from SMSPlus
8-bit bitmap support
further improvements to audio library
init library improvements
font outlines
jack 3928d 00h /psplib/
44 Added HuGo (doesn't link)
Synchronized psplib with smsplus/psplib
jack 3935d 12h /psplib/
36 Added stub INI files jack 3939d 02h /psplib/
34 Merged changes from SMS Plus jack 3939d 06h /psplib/
26 Added utility library jack 3942d 21h /psplib/
24 Merged changes from smsplus' revision 23
Updates include a rewrite of audio.c/.h, pspVideoPutImageDirect and proper PspImage alignment
jack 3942d 22h /psplib/
9 Initial checkin of psplib jack 3950d 23h /psplib/