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508 Released 3.5.40 of fMSX jack 2941d 15h /trunk/graphics/
484 Fixed Atari800 VK's
Atari800 now compiles, runs, sound fixed (should also be slightly faster)
jack 3152d 22h /trunk/graphics/
480 Added A5200 and 800 VK's jack 3154d 15h /trunk/graphics/
463 Added VICE icons jack 3220d 07h /trunk/graphics/
441 Finalized configuration keys, virt. keyboard
Setup verified for VK, not completely for button mapping
Confirmed that shift lock is not used in VICE; appears disabled
Rendering is now done at each frame; no caching
jack 3254d 19h /trunk/graphics/
438 Added C64 VK jack 3255d 05h /trunk/graphics/
432 Designed logo, BG, set colors jack 3260d 19h /trunk/graphics/
431 Added VICE XMB icon jack 3261d 00h /trunk/graphics/
430 Added VICE directory jack 3261d 00h /trunk/graphics/
370 Added the gradient to Fuse jack 3364d 22h /trunk/graphics/
367 Potator is now ready, except for sound
New background for potator
Added theming for potator
Removed zlib from saved states (potator)
Fixed zip file loading error, when no supported files are in the archive (fuse, potator)
jack 3372d 19h /trunk/graphics/
365 Fixed Fuse Spec +3 issue
Added potator graphics
jack 3374d 03h /trunk/graphics/
344 Finally added 'raw' graphics (svg, xcf originals for logos and backgrounds) jack 3458d 16h /trunk/graphics/