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Rev Log message Author Age Path
505 Added PL_UI (stubs) jack 3109d 19h /trunk/libpsp/
423 Merged with VICE's revision jack 3263d 05h /trunk/libpsp/
416 Replaced pl_gfx with the floating-point scaling renderer (for pl_gfx_put_image). Uses legacy PspImage struct jack 3264d 21h /trunk/libpsp/
410 Added pl_ctl c/h; new controller library jack 3268d 01h /trunk/libpsp/
409 Added 'Id' keyword to all c, h, and Makefile in libpsp jack 3268d 05h /trunk/libpsp/
408 Removed psplib
Added libpsp
jack 3268d 05h /trunk/libpsp/