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145 Neopop upgraded to 0.71.15; psplib updated jack 4064d 22h /trunk/neopop/
138 neopop 0.71.1 released jack 4077d 00h /trunk/neopop/
137 neopop:
added documentation
frame limiter off by default
jack 4077d 10h /trunk/neopop/
136 neopop:
psplib image loading now creates images with width that is power of 2
psplib ui fixed gallery flicker
added icon
fixed colors
psplib video fixed VramGetBuffer
added zip support
jack 4077d 18h /trunk/neopop/
133 neopop:
implemented menu (all except save state) (untested)
jack 4082d 02h /trunk/neopop/
132 neopop:
added sound
jack 4082d 21h /trunk/neopop/
131 neopop:
video blitting finalized
psplib/video: now all image rendering is done through textures
TODO: sound
jack 4083d 21h /trunk/neopop/
130 neopop:
applied PSMonkey's optimizations
game runs much faster, no intermediate buffer copy
jack 4084d 19h /trunk/neopop/
129 Added psplib to neopop jack 4085d 09h /trunk/neopop/
127 Added neopop jack 4085d 18h /trunk/neopop/