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Rev Log message Author Age Path
145 Neopop upgraded to 0.71.15; psplib updated jack 4035d 11h /trunk/neopop/System_PSP/psplib/audio.h
129 Added psplib to neopop jack 4055d 23h /trunk/neopop/System_PSP/psplib/audio.h
106 Updated to latest revision of psplib from Atari800 jack 4076d 00h /trunk/psplib/audio.h
88 Updated psplib with changes from latest Atari800 psplib jack 4084d 10h /trunk/psplib/audio.h
44 Added HuGo (doesn't link)
Synchronized psplib with smsplus/psplib
jack 4114d 21h /trunk/psplib/audio.h
24 Merged changes from smsplus' revision 23
Updates include a rewrite of audio.c/.h, pspVideoPutImageDirect and proper PspImage alignment
jack 4122d 07h /trunk/psplib/audio.h
9 Initial checkin of psplib jack 4130d 08h /trunk/psplib/audio.h