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396 Fixed the reason why rewinding was crashing the emulator (it was the sound rendering code - specifically, silence rendering)
Added backwards-compatibility for 0x10 version save states (only load, no save)
Moved timing to emulate.cpp (was in tlcs900h)
State saving is now only done if at least one button is mapped to 'rewind'
jack 3674d 04h /trunk/race/
395 Moved state version and signature verification ahead of the actual state load
Hardcoded size of R_S_H, in case sizeof() is rounding off the size
jack 3737d 13h /trunk/race/
394 Moved state saving out of tlcs_execute, might fix crash jack 3738d 14h /trunk/race/
387 Added state rewinding to RACE! (untested)
Cleaned up state.* in RACE!
Moved header info out of RACE_STATE
jack 3747d 09h /trunk/race/
360 Added fastload toggle
Updated version no.
jack 3785d 08h /trunk/race/
349 Minor fix to offset snapshot to the left of scrollbar jack 3845d 03h /trunk/race/
347 Fixed file browser's snapshot support
Version 1.25 out
jack 3845d 06h /trunk/race/
346 Added in-browser screenshot display (untested) jack 3845d 10h /trunk/race/
342 Added test switch jack 3868d 09h /trunk/race/
340 State saving finalized
Version 2.1 released
jack 3868d 14h /trunk/race/
339 RACE: States stopped crashing upon load (even after restart); however, no music after load (sound OK though) jack 3870d 09h /trunk/race/
338 Still not restoring completely; sound more likely to restore, however (dumping more RAM to state) jack 3873d 18h /trunk/race/
337 Initial attempt at saving/loading state
Sound saving broken (possibly because Z80 PC is a pointer)
Removed unnecessary z80.cpp/h
jack 3875d 13h /trunk/race/
334 Version 2.0 jack 3878d 14h /trunk/race/
333 Finally added menu.cpp
Added icon
jack 3879d 11h /trunk/race/
332 Tentatively finished
Added system menu, fixed outstanding menu issues
Needs icon, background
jack 3880d 03h /trunk/race/
331 Added file, options, controls menu
TODO: fix frameskip option
jack 3880d 04h /trunk/race/
330 Added file, options, controls menu
TODO: fix frameskip option
jack 3880d 07h /trunk/race/
329 Added menu (only splash + load; untested) jack 3880d 14h /trunk/race/
328 Added menu (only splash + load; untested) jack 3880d 15h /trunk/race/

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