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Rev Log message Author Age Path
515 SMS Plus 1.3.1 released jack 3012d 14h /trunk/smsplus/
514 Added missing tms files jack 3041d 16h /trunk/smsplus/
513 Added SMS Plus 1.3.1 - needs savestate fix for newly supported games jack 3041d 16h /trunk/smsplus/
386 Removed unused 'deallocate' func jack 3646d 23h /trunk/smsplus/
385 Fixed bug with initial state load jack 3647d 02h /trunk/smsplus/
383 Rewind bug fixed
1.2.55 released
jack 3649d 02h /trunk/smsplus/
382 Another fix jack 3652d 18h /trunk/smsplus/
381 Fixed rewind bug (untested) jack 3653d 17h /trunk/smsplus/
380 Updated psplib copyright info
Fixed(?) rewinding code, so that the start state is always correct
jack 3654d 21h /trunk/smsplus/
379 Moved rewinder to psplib jack 3657d 15h /trunk/smsplus/
378 Time rewind now works perfectly
Removed old code
jack 3657d 15h /trunk/smsplus/
377 Fixed the 'destroy' bug
Fixed memory allocation (now uses entire state capsule size to determine size of a single state)
jack 3657d 22h /trunk/smsplus/
376 Fixed bug in destroy algo.
Disabled buttons when rewinding
jack 3658d 22h /trunk/smsplus/
375 Rewinding ready for test jack 3658d 23h /trunk/smsplus/
374 Rewinding ready for test jack 3659d 02h /trunk/smsplus/
373 Added rewind stuff by DaveX jack 3660d 22h /trunk/smsplus/
358 SMS Plus 1.2.5 released jack 3688d 19h /trunk/smsplus/
356 Added latest save state autoselection
Moved to latest psplib
Added rapid-fire
Changed snapshot save location
Added file browser previews
jack 3690d 00h /trunk/smsplus/
355 Deleting old psplib dir jack 3690d 00h /trunk/smsplus/
174 Removed kybd from psplib jack 4094d 01h /trunk/smsplus/

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