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Rev Log message Author Age Path
358 SMS Plus 1.2.5 released jack 3909d 01h /trunk/smsplus/
356 Added latest save state autoselection
Moved to latest psplib
Added rapid-fire
Changed snapshot save location
Added file browser previews
jack 3910d 05h /trunk/smsplus/
355 Deleting old psplib dir jack 3910d 05h /trunk/smsplus/
174 Removed kybd from psplib jack 4314d 06h /trunk/smsplus/
172 fms: Small changes to psplib/video.c jack 4316d 07h /trunk/smsplus/
166 Pre-moving commit jack 4326d 04h /trunk/smsplus/
142 Working on ui/Input jack 4350d 20h /trunk/smsplus/
134 SMS Plus release jack 4362d 03h /trunk/smsplus/
112 smsplus:
updated to latest version of psplib
added PSP_DEBUG flag to emumain.c
updated to latest version of psplib
added psplib
fixed types.h to interact with psptypes.h
implemented blitting
implemented initialization/shutdown
should start up and load a game 'flack.nes'
jack 4382d 04h /trunk/smsplus/
89 Updated psplib with central copy jack 4393d 22h /trunk/smsplus/
87 Atari800:
added some extra code to psplib (mostly sound)
sound works!
added pspVideoGetVSyncFreq to psplib/video - returns vsync frequency
jack 4393d 22h /trunk/smsplus/
84 Atari800:
added frame skipping support
added machine-specific control schema
removed extraneous stuff from emulate.c
updated TrashEmulation to call Atari800_Exit
synchronized all copies of psplib with central repository
added selectable system type
removed argc/argv from initialization options
added sound (untested)
jack 4398d 05h /trunk/smsplus/
81 Atari800:
Finishing work on control menu
Added documentation file (readme.htm)
Finished key emulation in emulate.c
jack 4399d 04h /trunk/smsplus/
78 Atari800:
implemented saving/loading
fixed game loading
added stub system menu
minor code changes
jack 4402d 10h /trunk/smsplus/
77 Added loading to Atari800
Added Options menu to Atari800
Added splash menu to Atari800
Added option saving/loading to Atari800
jack 4403d 10h /trunk/smsplus/
76 Preliminary work on adding proper menu support to Atari800 jack 4405d 02h /trunk/smsplus/
74 Added stub emulation and menu files to Atari800
Removed defunct smsplus/psplib
jack 4410d 23h /trunk/smsplus/
72 Moved psplib inside smsplus/psp
Added psplib to atari800
Makefile changes for atari800
jack 4412d 04h /trunk/smsplus/
71 Makefile cleanup, updated documentation for fMSX 3.3.2 and ColEm 2.2.2 jack 4412d 04h /trunk/smsplus/
61 Updated psplib jack 4415d 20h /trunk/smsplus/

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