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519 Added -> to mappable buttons jack 2959d 14h /trunk/vice/Makefile_C64.psp
517 Finished 2.2.1 jack 2972d 20h /trunk/vice/Makefile_C64.psp
473 Fixed the extra-pixel bug in borderless NTSC mode jack 3551d 17h /trunk/vice/Makefile_C64.psp
470 Disabled frame skipping (had no effect)
2.1.2 released
jack 3552d 17h /trunk/vice/Makefile_C64.psp
466 NTSC resizing now correct; emulator still crashes when switching modes at startup jack 3554d 15h /trunk/vice/Makefile_C64.psp
458 Finished sound. The solution seems to fuck up the FPS counter (it thinks there are 4 fps, when there are more), but sound works jack 3562d 15h /trunk/vice/Makefile_C64.psp
456 Switched to a sound library modified from the SVN version
Extended delay to 5000ms in the older sound library (untested)
jack 3563d 08h /trunk/vice/Makefile_C64.psp
454 Getting ready for beta release (sound will probably not be finished any time soon) jack 3564d 17h /trunk/vice/Makefile_C64.psp
453 Moved ui to c64ui
Added options to enable/disable true drive emulation
Added sound engine selection
Sound still not perfect
jack 3572d 18h /trunk/vice/Makefile_C64.psp
452 Put autoloading back
Changed menu mode, so that it's done via interrupt - now state saving/loading works without special handling
Autoload put back
Sound still experimental
jack 3573d 12h /trunk/vice/Makefile_C64.psp
440 Added virt. keyboard (untested)
Corrected makefile (put std. C++ libs back)
jack 3594d 02h /trunk/vice/Makefile_C64.psp
439 Added VK layout - missing exact RESTORE mapping (line 32) jack 3594d 02h /trunk/vice/Makefile_C64.psp
437 Added compressed file support jack 3597d 17h /trunk/vice/Makefile_C64.psp
432 Designed logo, BG, set colors jack 3599d 19h /trunk/vice/Makefile_C64.psp
427 Added rudimentary menu (completely untested, does not show up until TRIANGLE is pressed)
Moved stub functionality into stubs.c
Added canvas creation/destruction logging to video.c
jack 3601d 04h /trunk/vice/Makefile_C64.psp
426 Updated to VICE 2.1 (untested) jack 3601d 06h /trunk/vice/Makefile_C64.psp
425 Fixed up logging (-DPSP_DEBUG adds logging to log.txt)
A lot of code cleanup, in preparation of menu addition
jack 3601d 19h /trunk/vice/Makefile_C64.psp
424 Sound now works jack 3601d 22h /trunk/vice/Makefile_C64.psp
421 Replaced sound rendering with one similar to Fuse's
Things to try - tweak buffer size; stereo; frequency
jack 3602d 08h /trunk/vice/Makefile_C64.psp
420 Added PSP sound (doesn't work) jack 3602d 22h /trunk/vice/Makefile_C64.psp

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